Shawn Ryan

Hi! I am photographer in Sounthern Ontario, Canada. I enjoy capturing the beatuy of mother nature in all of its forms.

About Me

My friends and I started camping in Algonquin Park back in 2013. The view from our campsite was so incredible, I remember wishing I could look at it forever; but I unfortunately didn’t have a camera with me. After the second year without a camera and really regretting it, I purchased my first DLSR camera. A few years later I stopped in on our first campsite. on Ragged Lake Island to capture its beauty. Since than I have been having fun taking photos of the parks and trails around where I live in Southern Ontario, Canada.

My photos of how amazing nature can be really inspires me in daily life. I love seeing how other people react to the different photos, and how much joy they can get from them as well. I decided to build this website as a bright spot on the internet to share my photos of the beauty of nature. I also thought it would be a great platform to interact with other photographers, or just people who love looking at photos!

Along with taking pictures of nature I am very interested in pictures of the stars, planets and the galaxy. I haven’t had too much time or opportunity to take these pictures. At this point in time, I don’t have the necessary equipment to really explore this subject, however I am saving up and will be investing in that equipment in the future. So keep checking back, and eventually there may be some photos of the planets!

You may use my photos freely for personal non-commercial use. All I ask is that you please reference my website and let people know where you got the photo from. If you would like to donate or purchase a print of a certain photo feel free to contact me!

I would love to hear any comments, suggestions or critiques on my photos and website. You can email me at If you have a favourite spot where you like to take photos, and you think I should check it out, please let me know! I love to explore new places and would love to hear from you!

Shawn Ryan

My Equipment

The type of equipment that I use to capture these photos and videos

Canon T5I

My first DSLR camera.

Mavic Air

DJI Mavic Air is an awesome portable drone

Go Pro Hero 5

The waterproof camera that I use a lot while I'm out in the canoe